partners with Settle Easy to help millions of Australians reach their property dreams partners with Settle Easy to help millions of Australians reach their property dreams

Settle Easy announce a significant partnership with to integrate their market leading conveyancing services into the buyer journey. This will help millions of Australians with their conveyancing needs at the pointy end of their property purchase. reaches 1.2 million property seekers each month to help them find their dream property and provides them with tools to assist them throughout their property journey. From researching their new home, to making an offer through their easy to use digital tool, and now guiding new purchasers through the conveyancing process via their partnership with Settle Easy.

“There is no doubt finding the right property to suit your unique needs can take time. And, when you find the right place, we know that the final stage of this journey – the property transfer itself – can be quite complex and time consuming. We’re all about making the search for the right property as easy as possible which is why partnering with Settle Easy makes perfect sense.’ said Toby Balazs, CEO,

“For us, partnering with a forward thinking and well regarded organisation such as Settle Easy is a great benefit to our audience and real estate agent partners. We want to help purchasers finalise the property transfer so seamlessly, they’ll want to do it all over again! And for our agent partners, we want to continue to help support their vendors and buyers however we can, ensuring the final step of the process is as smooth as possible. ” said Balazs.

Settle Easy’s unique online platform works with purchasers and sellers to assist them with the legal components of buying or selling a property. Their platform is supported by some of Australia’s most sought-after property law professionals who are experts in their field and can help with legal advice in regards to you and your property.

Sam Almaliki, CEO Settle Easy said, “Never underestimate the work involved in buying or selling property. You need to do your research, understand the local market, work out how to finance the deal and then finalise everything according to property law in your state or territory. This partnership will make things a whole lot easier for anyone buying or selling property.”

Property seekers and Real Estate agents in relevant areas will also be supported through specific content, free contract reviews, service discounts and referral incentives to celebrate this partnership.