Meet Propti – the Australian company reimagining property reporting

Meet Propti – the Australian company reimagining property reporting

In just over a year, Propti has already helped hundreds of people get their hands on property reports without them having to do any of the heavy lifting.

Using the company’s pioneering technology and extensive professional network, the Australian business is revitalising the property market’s inefficient and outdated reporting processes that previously meant real estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers, accountants, buyers and homeowners had to find and engage the professionals needed to provide their reports on their own.

For those without an established network or anyone requiring reports in an area for the first time, the process of researching, reviewing and requesting reports from relevant providers could take weeks and often involved plenty of time going back and forth.

Challenging industry norms, Propti Co-Founder, Jacob Isman, says the service provides new strata, building and pest, valuation, depreciation and QS reports faster than any traditional method by connecting users with its established network of professionals in locations across Australia. Plus, pre-existing reports for properties are offered immediately.

“Building from more than 30 years of combined experience within the finance and real estate industries, the Propti team initially sought to take the burden of time and costs off agents and solicitors,” he said. “Though buyers and homeowners will reap the benefits too.”

“We like to think that Propti provides the one dependable process in what is a wild and insecure time within the real estate market. Our expansive network of property professionals are simply here to do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to reporting – it’s what we do best.”

After more than a year of establishing relationships with inspectors and delivering projects with early-stage clients, the Propti team has developed a proven yet simple process that’s streamlining the acquisition of reports for hundreds of clients and eliminating the need for individuals to engage professionals independently.

As a Propti user, you can either purchase and download a previously prepared report for a specific address that’s already on-file, or request a new or updated report to be delivered within a matter of days – all with just a couple of key details and a few clicks.

Co-Founder Greg Blumenthal says that Propti is also designed to empower a network of property professionals that lean on each other’s success and expertise.

“We encourage all industry experts from strata representatives, real estate agents and buyer agents to valuers, reporters and solicitors to join Propti’s holistic service directory,” he said.

“Your skills may be beneficial to another’s success. Together, we’ll reimagine and revolutionise what is meant by property reporting and emphasise an industry-wide commitment to efficiency and speed.”