InspectRealEstate releases innovative headhunter-style solution for rental applications

InspectRealEstate releases innovative headhunter-style solution for rental applications

InspectRealEstate’s newest innovation in leasing – 2Apply FindMe – is already producing results for agents.

Within days of the feature being released, an InspectRealEstate (IRE) client successfully found a great renter and leased a property, thanks to IRE’s unique applicant-matching solution.

FindMe allows prospective tenants to promote themselves and their property preferences to agents, similar to recruitment ‘headhunting’.

Since its release on 5 May 2022, more than 17,000 prospective tenants have shared their rental application profiles with agents.

How does it work?

Prospective tenants with a 2Apply profile are now able to make their profile public for agents to view. This includes information about who would be living in the property, their income and their employment status.

Agents using the IRE software solution can view public profiles and if a prospective tenant matches the property criteria, they are able to invite the matching tenants to view and apply for the property.

David Deane Real Estate was the first agency to find and place a tenant through the 2Apply FindMe service. An applicant was sent an invite last Friday at 2pm; they had applied by 6:20pm and were soon approved and paid for the property!

“We were excited to try this new feature from IRE as we pride ourselves on innovation. We were thrilled it worked so well and so quickly. With so many great tenants missing out on rental properties it just makes sense to offer qualified applicants our new properties first, before advertising to the general market and wasting days or weeks,” said Mark Rumsey from David Deane Real Estate.

IRE CEO Andrew Reece said, “Thanks to our software, 2Apply Find Me turns the property searching process on its head by allowing prospective tenants to promote themselves to agents. All the agent has to do is choose the best one and invite them to apply – just find them, then sign them.”