SaleFish is a leading Transaction Service Engine (TSE) company with a proven track record of $100 billion in Project Development Sales. Founded in 2005, SaleFish offers innovative SaaS platform tools to builders, developers, and sales teams, empowering them to streamline their sales process and improve their buyer experience.

The TSE platform speeds up the sales cycle by streamlining property sales from initial selection to the final exchange of e-signatures with stakeholders. With SaleFish, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and conveyancers can collaborate and complete the sales process online, reducing the need for 3rd party static pdf and manual EOI processes.

As property professionals for over 30 years, the SaleFish team understands the industry’s challenges from the ground up. They developed the TSE platform out of necessity to provide builders, developers, and sales teams with the tools they need to take buyers from warm leads to unconditional sales, with inventory management, pricing, and on-demand e-contracts being a top priority.

SaleFish’s mission is to turn project websites and digital master plans into powerful sales tools that are accessible on any device, anywhere, and at any time. With SaleFish, the property sales process is streamlined, efficient, and accredited as cyber-secure.

SaleFish’s TSE and other tools are designed to make the property sales process more streamlined, efficient, and secure. Whether you’re a builder, developer, or sales team, SaleFish has everything you need to succeed in the Sales of your Project.