Agents pay owners cash to list their home via new Proptech platform

Agents pay owners cash to list their home via new Proptech platform

In an Australian first, a new Proptech platform allows Agents to bid competitively for property listings from Owners who are ready to sell.

Owners can now upload their property address and desired price on the platform free of charge and monitor the bidding process over a 5 business day period. Agents can register and bid competitively for the opportunity to list the property, setting out their cash upfront amount, their commission rate, marketing strategy and experience. At the end of the bidding period Owners can review the bids at their leisure and choose to interview the Agent with the preferred offer. They are under no obligation to accept any offer. A big advantage for the owner is this approach removes the pressure of interviewing several Agents and trying to compare varying listing proposals. It also relieves the stress of fielding numerous phone calls and approaches from Agents who are competing for their business.

When a listing agreement is signed, Win My Listing pays the cash upfront amount to the Owner, less 20% for its fee.

Co-founder and long-time Agent Robert Lubke said, “For Agents, property listings are an asset they normally invest considerable time and money in prospecting activities to obtain. Many Agents also buy telemarketing lists as well as leads from lead-generation companies, often with limited chance of success. For the first time they can now bid on actual listings, rather than leads, from owners who are ready to sell. Agents only pay the bid amount on successfully obtaining a listing authority with the seller. In effect, Agents can now buy listings instead of leads.”

Owners can be assured that an Agent who is prepared to invest their own cash upfront by bidding for a listing of their property is going to be highly motivated to ensure that they achieve a good result.

There is no cost for Owners or Agents to register for the service.