New ‘UBER-style’ property selling platform Wavie tipped to wipe-out traditional real estate industry

New ‘UBER-style’ property selling platform Wavie tipped to wipe-out traditional real estate industry

Property owners across the country now have a new way to sell their property without having to pay exorbitant real estate agency fees.

Wavie, Australia’s newest real estate platform, has launched and it is being heralded as a game-changing service that will completely revolutionise the property sales sector in Australia.

Founded by a team of industry leaders including Andy Dunn, a respected property expert, and Josh Luschwitz, a profile and highly respected Sydney based third generation real estate agent, Wavie enables people to put their property on the market and get the sale done without the need for an agent, thereby saving thousands on commissions and fees.

According to Andy Dunn, just think UBER for real estate and ‘wave’ goodbye to agents’ fees.

“Wavie is a user-friendly platform that enables homeowners to sell their property using our easy and convenient tools, support and assistance,” Dunn said.

“Wavie empowers homeowners by equipping them with the tools traditionally reserved for agents, enabling them to manage their own property sales efficiently. Our intuitive platform assists with the entire selling process, from handling inquiries to guiding users through open homes, negotiations, and offer management. Our AI technology efficiently addresses 90 percent of buyer questions, with additional support provided by the Wavie team and direct input from the property owner when necessary.”

Wavie has been born from firsthand experiences and the mutual dissatisfaction with the outdated practices of many agents and substantial fees that characterise traditional property sales.

As a result, Wavie has emerged as an innovative solution already transforming the real estate landscape.

“We saw a glaring need for a platform that places property owners at the helm of their transactions, providing them with unparalleled control, absolute transparency, and substantial savings in their property-selling journey,” Dunn said.

“Wavie is the poster boy for this industry shift. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, combined with a deep-rooted commitment to the needs of clients, Wavie is redefining real estate.  We are streamlining transactions, making them not just simpler and more intelligent, but also drastically more economical for homeowners everywhere.”

Wavie offers a straightforward package for homeowners, covering all essential services needed to sell a property.  This includes conveyancing, building and pest reports, media enhancements, a desktop valuation, and listings on and Domain.

For those seeking enhanced services, Wavie provides three optional add-ons: professional photography and tours, professional valuations, and targeted social media marketing, along with direct access to a licensed real estate agent.

Homeowners benefit from Wavie’s flexible payment options, with nothing due upfront. Payments can be settled at closing or within 180 days of listing, offering greater flexibility in managing finances. Additionally, Wavie can facilitate access to funds for minor renovations or staging to further enhance a property’s appeal.

“As the homeowner, you know your property better than anyone else. You also understand the value of time and money and therefore should have the ability to make choices around where you spend your money when selling your property,” Dunn said.

“If you have the time to undertake sales activities like hosting an open home yourself and have access to a platform that equips you with all the tools and assistance, then why not take this route.  It is going to save you tens of thousands of dollars and provide you with the same outcome as using a real estate agent.

“The platform is easy to use, highly intuitive and importantly, equipped with everything you need to undertake a successful, cost-effective sales campaign that ultimately puts more of the sale funds back into your pocket.

“In the current market, more than ever, property owners need a cost-effective way of selling their property.  Wavie meets this need.  Wave goodbye to agent fees.

“The market will always need full service real estate agents, but it is also time for an uberised real estate selling service that empowers property owners to do some of the work themselves.”