Listing Loop launches FloorPlan AI to create professional 2D floorplans in 5 minutes

Listing Loop launches FloorPlan AI to create professional 2D floorplans in 5 minutes

Listing Loop, a leading Australian proptech that’s streamlined the property transaction journey with an all-in-one platform, has launched FloorPlan AI, a game-changing new floorplan technology, following their recent expansion to include rental listings as well as sales listings.

Targeted towards property managers and sales agents, FloorPlan AI is set to offer the most cost-effective and fastest way to obtain a 2D interior floorplan, establishing a new industry standard.

The technology allows you to create a floorplan in five minutes from your smartphone and get it back in under 24 hours.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Listing Loop, Rhett Dallwitz, said, “Listing Loop is pleased to bring this innovative, affordable and accurate new floorplan technology to Australia. Property managers and sales agents will be able to generate professional 2D floorplans efficiently and for only 20 percent of traditional floorplan prices.”

“FloorPlan AI will significantly improve efficiencies by accelerating floorplan production and minimising the time involved in organising private inspections if the potential tenants can see the floorplan upfront. We are confident that FloorPlan AI will speed up the leasing process,” Rhett said.

FloorPlan AI produces accurate 2D floorplans with the property layout, room names, room dimensions, room fixtures and square meterage, all from using your phone’s camera to scan and by walking through each room.

The same price applies to FloorPlan AI regardless of the property’s size or if the property is a single or double storey.

Director of Collings Real Estate, Christian Gravias, said “FloorPlan AI is a real game-changer. Our property management team can now factor floorplans into their marketing costs, especially considering we can get a floorplan done for just $32. Previously it has been too expensive for landlords. This is a big deal because it’ll help us rent out properties faster. Potential tenants can straight away see if the property is right for them or not, and it will avoid unnecessary inspections.”