Homely reports surge in user content generation and onsite engagement

Homely reports surge in user content generation and onsite engagement

Homely.com.au, one of Australia’s most-visited online real estate marketplaces, have announced a significant increase in user-generated content, indicating a surge in community engagement among property seekers.

Founded a decade ago in Australia, Homely has established itself as a unique portal known for its patented street and suburb review offerings and discussion boards.

Millions of Australians utilise Homely to share their experiences of living in various suburbs, driving the platform to new heights of user interaction.

Growth in Shared Collections Product

Use of Homely’s Shared Collections over the past 12 months has surged by an impressive 38% year-on-year, highlighting strong community spirit and engagement among Homely’s users. These Pinterest-like inspiration boards allow users to curate and share their favourite homes on the portal. Users can also share their Homely Collections with others, leave comments and rate properties. This product also provides valuable insights for agents seeking feedback on their marketing campaigns.

Increased Activity in Street, Suburb Reviews, and Local Q&A Discussions

The platform’s street and suburb reviews, along with the Q&A sections, have become daily destinations for hundreds and thousands of Australians, with more than a million pieces of content submitted. Last month alone, there was a 17.6% increase in both questions asked and answered. The Homely Q&A community enriches the property search experience and has positioned Homely as a premier resource for local insights and tips on living across Australia.

Rising User Loyalty

Additionally, Homely observed a 6.2% increase in returning logged-in users in May, demonstrating enhanced user satisfaction and loyalty. This growth is attributed to the platform’s continuous improvements, user-centric features, and strategic growth strategy.

“We are thrilled to see such a significant increase in user engagement and content creation on Homely,” said Jason Spencer, Co-CEO of Homely. “These statistics not only demonstrate the unique value our platform provides but also highlight the dedication and engagement of our local communities. We remain committed to enhancing the Homely hyperlocal content experience, making it easier for users to share what it’s like to live somewhere.”

Looking ahead, Homely remains dedicated to providing the best tools and features for users to share unique and valuable content, helping people make better-informed property decisions.