Homely.com.au launches into strongest year with record customer contracts: 49 new Homely Plus Uplift contracts in Q1

Homely.com.au launches into strongest year with record customer contracts: 49 new Homely Plus Uplift contracts in Q1

Homely.com.au, one of the largest portals in Australia, and one of the most trusted by the real estate industry, has ended Q1 with a record-breaking number of new Homely Plus Uplift memberships.

The welcoming of 49 new agent offices onto long term memberships in the first three months of the year not only signifies this year as Homely’s most important yet, but also cements its status as the industry-preferred cost-effective alternative. At the time of writing, more agencies have signed onto Homely Plus Uplift.

An industry-first membership model

As part of Homely’s Uplift program, real estate agents across Australia enjoy unparalleled advantages. On top of cost-effective VPA, benefits include increased listings visibility, enhanced branding, access to Homely’s new Performance Hub, and leading social media branding to high intent buyers, as well as unmatched opportunities for co-branded marketing and equity ownership.

“This surge in partnerships is not just clear indication of the market’s confidence in our innovative approach but our ongoing commitment to delivering value beyond what the industry has been told they can expect,” said Adam Spencer (pictured), Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Homely.

“Homely’s Uplift program offers our agents so much more bang for their buck. They can see the potential and their vendors are thankful – we remain the cost-effective alternative with proven value in terms of eyeballs to listings.”

“These 49 new contracts in the first quarter are not just a win for us but for the entire industry. This proves what we know – that there is a real, significant and important demand for platforms that offer cost-effective VPA. And in our case, a brilliant consumer experience too,” said Jason Spencer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Homely.

Scaling fast

As Homely continues to aggressively expand its offerings and reach this year, the portal is one to watch. This achievement highlights Homely’s urgent role in shaping the future of real estate in Australia. Homely’s unique user generated content in the form of suburb and street reviews and local insights, its strong property listing data, its seamless consumer user experience and commitment to being a force for good in the industry sets it apart from its competitors.