Data & Analytics in Real Estate Summit 2022

Data & Analytics in Real Estate Summit 2022
The Data & Analytics in Real Estate Summit 2022 will be held in Sydney at the Pullman Hyde Park Sydney on 21 September, 2022.





Pullman Sydney Hyde Park, 36 College St, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia 2010   View map

Data analytics is giving real estate businesses more insight into the factors affecting property value than ever before. However to create genuine value from data, you need to create the ‘lens’ to ensure your data analytics team is focused on the right problem to provide the right answer.

The Data & Analytics in Real Estate Summit 2022 explores how the analytics function can be fully leveraged to provide critical insights that drive strategy and performance. The Summit will identify the challenges faced by the commercial team in sourcing suitable data; How to effectively work with data services, and; How new analytics tools and strategies can show the path to alpha profits across your property portfolio and operations. The Summit will focus is on helping the commercial team hunt for operational and portfolio alpha insights – using data science tools that discover hidden opportunities.

The real estate sector knows its behind on its digital strategy and that data tools can help them stay competitive. But their in-house data capabilities are very limited. Few have a data & analytics function, and those that do have very new teams from outside the industry who are building their toolkit from scratch. Most teams suffer from siloed processes that further reduces their value. They are reliant on outside help to kick start the development of an effective insights engine room – from specific data analytics platforms, to GIS for customer trend tracking, and visualisation dashboards for easier comprehension of results.

The Data & Analytics in Real Estate Summit 2022 will bring together landlords, owners, developers and brokers to discuss how the real estate industry can become more data driven.