Data Army’s The Proptech Cloud offers Australia Post Movers Statistics dataset to enable analysis and visualisation of National Migration to better support planning decisions

Data Army’s The Proptech Cloud offers Australia Post Movers Statistics dataset to enable analysis and visualisation of National Migration to better support planning decisions

Data Army, a leading Australian data consultancy specialising in advanced data solutions, has announced that it now offers Australia Post’s Movers Statistics data set from its sub-brand The Proptech Cloud, a community which empowers businesses who work with property and real estate information, data and apps.

The Proptech Cloud, backed by Data Army, offers the Australian Post Movers Statistics dataset on the Snowflake Marketplace for seamless access in Snowflake with zero ETL (extract, transform and load), live and ready to query.

Updated monthly, the data includes five years of de-identified, aggregated information to enable analysis and insights for location planning by identifying growing or declining neighbourhoods based on migration trends.  In addition, it assists with estimating market demand for products and services and provides for real estate and housing market analysis.

Recent analysis conducted by Data Army and published by The Proptech Cloud demonstrates that the dataset can be used to extract valuable insights with the cutting-edge Snowflake Cortex artificial intelligence and machine learning service. By showcasing the dataset and Snowflake technology, The Proptech Cloud inspires users to apply the Australia Post data to visualise migration patterns and predict future moves across the nation.

The findings hold significant value for public and private sectors in strategic planning and decision-making processes across various industries and governmental levels. Examples include real estate development, investment, business expansion, transportation and infrastructure decisions, as well as urban, land use, policy or even healthcare and public services planning.

At the same time, the data offers a foundation for both private and public sectors to adapt to changing demographic patterns in ways that maximise economic opportunities while ensuring community well-being and sustainability.

“We launched The Proptech Cloud to foster a data-driven community and empower businesses and organisations that work with property data to improve analysis, problem solving, enhance collaboration and support users to develop innovative solutions to complex problems,” said Michael Ogilvie (pictured), Director of Data Army.

“Essentially, The Proptech Cloud is a movement initiated by Data Army to inspire, uplift and empower proptechs and organisations which use data related to property and real estate. Data Army aspires to build a thriving analytics community with The Proptech Cloud by removing barriers to property domain knowledge, data and insights. We aim to do this by sharing industry expertise, educational content and curating essential datasets and apps from various providers in our one-stop hub.  The Proptech Cloud also offers a range of datasets, many of them free to access from the Snowflake Marketplace.”

The Australia Post Movers Statistics dataset is a paid data offering supported by a step-by-step how-to guide to enable a range of insights for location planning and decision making.

“This dataset is hosted on the Snowflake Marketplace which ensures seamless access in Snowflake, preserves privacy with robust data governance and enables collaboration across clouds and regions with no ETL,” said Ogilvie.  “All this on one neat platform that can meet industry needs for data acquisition and analytics for years to come.

“With data changing so rapidly, ensuring those wanting to make use of it have access to the most up-to-date data sets in an easy to consume form is vitally important.

“The core benefit is that the complexity that’s traditionally been a part of using large and constantly changing data sets is eliminated. Consistent, accurate and valuable data is readily available.”

Making the Australia Post Movers Statistics dataset available on the Snowflake Marketplace from The Proptech Cloud also enables Data Army to democratise data by providing on-demand access to this valuable data which provides richer insights to guide organisational decision-making.