Australian property technology platform Hutly welcomes John Natsioulas as CTO

Australian property technology platform Hutly welcomes John Natsioulas as CTO

Australian owned and operated technology company, Hutly, has welcomed industry pioneer, John Natsioulas, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), investing in its mission to transform property and payment transactions through a suite of innovative, on-platform digital solutions.

With over two decades of experience across the private and public sector, John Natsioulas cemented his reputation during his nine years at PEXA where he led on the development and execution of PEXA’s property exchange platform. The platform facilitated over 85 percent of online property settlements during his time in the role.

Commenting on his appointment, Natsioulas said he was excited to be working for an Australian-based company, which plays an important role in the property ecosystem and has the potential to create positive change.

“Property is rife with complexity and inefficiency and technology has a significant role to play in streamlining and simplifying the experience for all parties involved,” Natsioulas said.

“Throughout my career, I have sought opportunities to build complex technology products delivered in a simple way that meet the needs of our customers. When I was introduced to Hutly Founder, Jeremy Hastings, I could see his vision for the company clearly aligned with my passion and purpose.

“In my role as Hutly CTO, I am focused on building and strengthening Hutly’s technology capabilities and product offering, which I believe will be transformative for the industry. Beyond innovation, transacting with trust is also a core value at Hutly so we are investing heavily in ensuring robust security and compliance frameworks to protect the data and privacy of all our users.”

Hutly is an Australian owned and operated technology company specialising in property contract transactions and payments solutions. As the world’s only provider of Living ContractsTM, Hutly digitises the end-to-end contract experience, powering real time visibility for all parties at every stage of the transaction.

Hutly Founder and Managing Director, Jeremy Hastings, said the decision to appoint Natsioulas came down to his unrivalled industry reputation and calibre of expertise.

“Hutly was founded with the belief we can create a more equitable and transparent economy within real estate. To achieve this, Hutly has a clear plan to be the digital rails that transact property. We are in safe hands with John who has strong pedigree in both payments and leadership from his time at PEXA,” Hastings said.

“John’s passion and technical expertise align perfectly with our vision, and under his leadership, I am confident our platform will mature to deliver an unmatched digital experience for all players. As we grow our offering, maintaining trust and confidence is key and John will be pivotal to this through best-in-class delivery and robust, resilient security practices.

“Hutly has ambitious growth targets and is brimming with innovative ideas, which we have started to bring to market in March with the launch of two new products. We are excited to have John onboard to help us unleash our full potential and cement our industry leading position,” Hastings said.

Since its inception in 2018, Hutly has grown to service over 47 percent of the East Coast property market with 4,000 agencies on the platform, 1 million contracts processed per annum, and approximately $18 billion in contract value on platform every year.